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💬 they/them ; iel/lo

🍵 Lots of nonfiction, literary fiction, poetry, classical literature, speculative fiction, magical realism, etc. English, French, and many translations.

📖 Beaucoup de non-fiction, de fiction littéraire, de poésie, de classiques, de spéculatif, de réalisme magique, etc. Lecture en anglais et en français, et beaucoup de traductions.

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Worker Cooperatives in America (Hardcover, 1984, University of California Press) No rating

But worker cooperatives, no matter how successful they might be, cannot be seen as an end in themselves when they are located with a capitalist economy. In the best circumstances, the forestry worker cooperatives of the Northwest may provide examples of something more vital -- of how people who organize in cooperative and egalitarian ways can reach out to more oppressed and exploited people around then and demonstrate a viable alternative to traditional work organizations.

Worker Cooperatives in America by ,

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Le vent en parle encore (Hardcover, Français language, 2022, Les Éditions Stanké) No rating

Content warning Pensionnats, trauma, colonialisme, alcool

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The Shame Machine (2022, Crown Publishing Group, The) No rating

An examination of the way (predominantly American) society uses shame, and an exploration of the …

This righteous attitude confronts an outstretched hand with a fist. Shaming the poor not only saves the wealthier classes money but also makes them feel virtuous. It's akin to the self-satisfaction felt by the thin in the presence of the obese and the sober when comparing themselves to those with a drug or alcohol problem. We succeeded, they think. These others failed. It is this mindset, once again, that sustains the shamescape.

The Shame Machine by  (Page 58)

Swan Dive (Hardcover, 2021, Henry Holt and Co.) No rating

Pazcoguin's memoir covers the two+ decades of her career (which started when she was a child) at the New York City Ballet. The gothic humour was welcome and familiar around the tougher memories of relentless emotional, sexist, and racist abuse. During the more triumphant parts of the book (and there are some really great ones), your heart soars at Pazcoguin's words. Righteous!

Organized in a series of non-chronological vignettes (some very out of order), there is definitely a method to it, though it requires a bit of work to keep names and places and years straight. It pays off at the end: maybe you're even a little emotionally winded, but in the best of ways.

While the book offers a tantalizing and brutal window into the amazingly dysfunctional, abusive, and hurt/ing art form that is ballet, the book is careful (and wise) to anchor it to Pazcoguin's perspectives and memories. …

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Unapologetic (2018) No rating

"Unapologetic is a 21st century guide to building a Black liberation movement through a Black …

Our history of resistance shows what oppressed humans will do when freedom and collective liberation are on the horizon. Our resistance is richly textured, and our tactics range from armed rebellion and self-defense to various forms of noncooperation (e.g., sit-ins and boycotts) to cultural preservation—all under various threats of violence. Knowing we are part of the Black radical tradition, young Black people feel a duty to fight for our freedom, as directed by Assata Shakur. This responsibility is both a birthright and a burden.

Unapologetic by  (Page 24)