Common Prayer Pocket Edition

A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

Paperback, 156 pages

English language

Published Oct. 15, 2012 by Zondervan.

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Common Prayer Pocket Edition helps individuals and today's diverse church pray together across traditions and denominations. With an ear to the particulars of various liturgical prayer traditions, and using an advisory team of liturgy experts, the authors have created a tapestry of prayer that celebrates the best of each tradition. This convenient and portable book also includes tools for prayer scattered throughout to aid those unfamiliar with liturgy and deepen the prayer life of those already familiar with liturgical prayer. Common Prayer Pocket Edition adds new prayers for compline (late evening) and for individual use, such as prayers for travel, protection, and various blessings. It includes a table of days and readings for the morning prayers as well as an annotated list of saints and days to remember. Churches and individuals who desire a deeper prayer life-and those familiar with Shane Claiborne and New Monasticism-will enjoy the tools offered in …

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A good introduction to an old way of worship for a new millennium

4 stars

Claiborne's common prayer is primarily pointed at introducing the liturgy to evangelicals. Evangelicals traditionally have been weary of anything traditional, religious, or repeadative, but with today's western "church" leaving more questions than answers geared towards making seekers feel welcome rather than challenging believers, many young endangering are looking to the past to improve their future. Common Prayer is based, in part, on the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, but it's been "updated" to remove the barrier of the three year cycle to a more digestable one year. It ads to the daily liturgy some modern readings about MLK, Ghandi, Sojourner Truth, and others that can inspire Christians of today. Its designed to be used in communion with other belivers, such as in the radical monestosem that Shane is known for.

Most of the contents is absolutely available free of charge on their website but it's so much better to …

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