Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils

Indiana Jones #3

English language

Published June 1, 2008 by Bantam Books.

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3 stars (1 review)

Having barely survived a hair-raising archaeological dig in Tikal, Guatemala, Indiana Jones has returned to New York just in time to get caught up in a controversy. The mysterious writings of Colonel Percy Fawcett, a missing British explorer, have turned up, and what they describe could revolutionize history--and make or break several scientific reputations. For Percy paints a tantalizing picture of a lost city in the Brazilian jungle, and a mythical redheaded race who may be the descendants of ancient Celtic Druids. No one loves mystery or adventure more than Indiana Jones. So with his trusty bullwhip in hand and the lovely Deirdre Campbell firmly in tow, he sets out for the wilds of the Amazon. But Indy has more enemies than he knows, including a bunch of hard-nosed thugs and a cannibalistic Indian tribe that is out to make him instant history. And if he survives what they throw …

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Another (somewhat less adventurous) Adventure of Indiana Jones.

3 stars

Not nearly as good as the previous book in the series "...and the Dance of the Giants." While the adventure at stone henge ended with Diedre having second thoughts about marrying Indy, leading to believe we'd probably never see her again, but their on-again-off-again relationship is on for most of the book, with a note that her mother died, which I don't recall being in the last book.

Brody thinks he has found proof that there were European explorers to the Americas long before Columbus (& Leif Ericson though no mention of him) & there is one eccentric English explorer who agrees, Jack Fawcett. Of course, he disappears while in search of proof, Deidre and Indy go looking for him with very little evidence to go on. At times the book is hard to follow, the "seven veils" from the title refer to a way the people in this lost …